Artemis Health Pregnancy Journey

Women, we warmly invite you to join our information mornings to support, inform, share, inspire and celebrate ourselves and one another.

We will address issues as wide ranging as common physical discomforts in pregnancy and

choices of care givers, to the fears surrounding labour and birth.  

Together we will focus on:

– providing the relevant information to empower your choices

– exploring ourselves through process work

– building a strong community of women who can continue supporting one another beyond birth

– creating a sacred and safe pausing space in the midst of all of our busy lives to learn, reflect, connect and nurture.

Artemis Health Childbearing Year Course

Couples, please join our weekend course in the final preparation for birth.  This intensive course aims to explore ourselves in pregnancy, labour, birth and post birth/parenting.

We discuss the physiological process of birth and how to best support this. We also consider the time after birth, focusing on caring for your newborn and yourself in this period of connection, adjustment and adaptation.  We use a variety of mediums to fully discover this very enriching time in our lives and the transformation it enables.

Our approach is holistic, considering all aspects, including physical, mental and emotional.  
These weekends are for a limited number of couples and will be held quarterly.

Midwifery services

Pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum/newborn baby care with midwife & homeopath/med. doctor.

Prenatal yoga

Join Lynne for prenatal yoga –

Yoga is a powerful tool to help us to slow down and build an awareness of our bodies in preparation for birth.
Connect with your body, connect with your baby.

Please contact us for information on dates, rates, venues or anything else.


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