Daphne Lyell

Daphne Lyell – a homeopath and medical doctor, was raised in a small farming community in the Free State, called Hoopstad.  She grew up with her feet in the soil treasuring the connectedness that comes from being still and breathing in wide open spaces. She has a special interest in women’s health and supporting the natural process of pregnancy, birth and beyond.

After school she studied Homeopathy.   Brewing in the background there was always a special interest and fascination with pregnancy, birth and trusting our bodies. She then went on to study medicine to get into a position where facilitating the space for women to birth their babies was within her reach.  Travelling through the, often traumatic, corridors of life inside of the state hospitals’ obstetric wards made her realise that a gentler and kinder approach is what is needed in order for women to be handed back their pregnancy and labour process.  In doing so a mother is born once her child arrives – empowered, enriched and enabled to care for her child from a place of inner strength.

Despite being trained in the medical model of care (always observing and monitoring for pathology in pregnancy) she is currently applying the midwifery model of care (approaching pregnancy as a normal physiological process) and will only act to pathology once it presents itself, instead of always expecting a pregnancy to go ‘wrong’.  She advocates for women to educate themselves around pregnancy, labour and early parenting and thereby being informed and more in control to make the right choices for themselves and their babies.

She has a special interest in working with the emotional process women experience during pregnancy and treating homoeopathically when necessary.  This is the time the body allows a woman to revisit past pleasant and painful experiences and by so doing, preparing her for being in a healthier place to receive her child.

Daphne is a pro-choice GP and loves walking the road with young parents and looking at alternative ways to build the immune system.  She takes into consideration the whole context and environment while acknowledging how dynamic we are as people.  She uses a combination of homeopathic medicine, herbals as well orthodox medicine when called for.